Dutch Parliamentary Voting Behaviour

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March 15, 2017

The Dutch went to the ballot box to vote. What are our votes based on? Our beliefs or impassioned support for a certain ideology? Or is it based on the persuasiveness of certain political leaders, or perhaps advice from online vote matchers?

Is it possible to base our votes on what the parties actually did in the previous reign?

The aim of this visualization is to let actions speak louder than words. So instead of looking at the promises and plans of political parties, we analyse their actual actions and decisions of the past. Using a dataset which exists of motions, amendments and bills since 1995, our goal is communicate this data to the voter by visualizing the underlying structure of the data. As the volumes of data available to people increase, their effective use becomes more challenging. By looking at the individual 40,000 motions, amendments and bills, it is hard to gain any insights. The field of visual analytics provides people with better and more effective means to understand the data and find underlying structures.

Take a look at our website and let us know what you think!

Website — currently down 🙁 will be up soon