Since July 2017 I am working as data science trainee for Xomnia and KLM. At the operations research department, specifically the customer data management team, I am doing data science projects in Spark using mainly Pyspark and Python. In the last year we successfully developed and put into production six recommender systems and one text mining project leading to great results in terms of click through rate and conversions of our customers. I work together with the scrum team using Git to do code reviews, pull requests and versioning of our code. Through Bamboo build plans we deliver our models to the production platform and ensure a continuous integration.

Before the operations research department I worked at the Digital Marketing department as graduate researcher. Here I finished my thesis for the master in Data Science. For my thesis I developed an approach of clustering website visitors based on contextual information and data on their searched destination(s) in order to distinguish user profiles which reflect their similar interests and behaviour which can be used for further recommendations. This project was conducted mostly in Python using several machine learning algorithms.